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You are calling Your phone to mobile, handy, cell-phone, mobile phone or wireless phone? It makes no difference! Today every phone capable to play polyphonic or MP3 ringtones, but unable to play the classic oldschool monophonic tones. If you want to use old classic retro ringtones, the only thing what you do, digitalize it yourself or DOWNLOAD it for free from this site. We digitalized a lot of good old ringtones from old phones like Nokia 6210 and put to MP3. It doesn\'t matter if You use Apple iPhone 6, Sony Xperia Z3, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG Optimus, HTC One, Moto X, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG G3 or HTC One M8.

Types of ringtones

The original ringtones play only one note at a time.
A polyphonic ring tone can consist of several notes at a time. The first polyphonic ring tones used sequenced recording methods such as MIDI. Such recordings specify what synthetic instrument should play a note at a given time, and the actual instrument sound is dependent upon the playback device. Later, synthesized instruments could be included along with the composition data, which allowed for more varied sounds beyond the built-in sound bank of each phone.
A truetone (also known as "realtone", "mastertone", "superphonic ringtone" or "audio recording") is simply an audio recording, typically in a common format such as MP3 or AAC. Truetones, which are often excerpts from songs, have become popular as ring tones. The first truetone service was started by au on December 2002.[17] "My Gift to You" by Chemistry was the first song to be distributed as a truetone.
Sing tone
A "sing tone" is a ring tone created in karaoke style, combining a userís recorded voice (adjusted to be both in time and in tune) with a backing track.

Welcome to www.retroringtones.net - Here You can find the best free retro ringtones for your phone! You can download your free MP3 ringtones that recorder and digitalized from original retro phones! Are You looking for Nokia 6110, 3310, 6210 tones or classic Ericsson Mixed ring and old Motorola StarTac beeps? Here You can find it!

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Ericsson Low (ericsson-r520-01-low.mp3)
Ericsson Medium (ericsson-r520-02-medium.mp3)
Ericsson High (ericsson-r520-03-high.mp3)
Ericsson Mixed (ericsson-r520-04-mixed.mp3)

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About ringtones

There must be a very compelling reason why ringtones are so important to cellular phones that it has become so popular to the point of being feasible in business. What is so significant about ringtones? Let\'s delve into this topic together and find out more about what we all have in common. Download retro ringtones for free Ringtones play a significant role on our mobile units. It notifies us of incoming calls and messages. There might be a few downsides to them, but I see more of its use has benefited all the users. Cellular service providers created a feature which allows us to associate different ringers for every phonebook entry. We can easily determine who the caller is without even taking a peak on our phones, making it easy for us to ignore or take the call. Taking this aside, the tones we download represents who we are. It exemplifies our inner selves as well as giving us the utmost satisfaction and fulfillment. It is true that our handsets may have built-in tones but these are limited, quite unexciting and does not give us the complete contentment we seek. I\'ve also discovered that these melodies being used as caller tones may serve as a form of entertainment. I\'m sure you will agree with me that when we are waiting for our friends, or just standing in line for our turn, or even when we are resting, just to pass the time, we always take out our phones and either play some games or listen to MP3 melodies featuring the latest hit songs of our favorite artists. Not only for entertainment, but personalized tones helps us identify our mobile from the crowd. For women, ringtones are so important in locating our mobiles when we place it in our bags together with twenty other things which find its way on top of our cell phones. In receiving calls especially from our loved ones, the tone serves as our locator over heaps and piles of women\'s personal effects. It is just something we cannot live without. Needless to say, we tend to neglect the simplicity of things and take for granted how they have aided us in dealing with our everyday routine. We forget how it made life easier and fun for us. Have you thought about this? Why don\'t we sit for a while and contemplate on things, we would be awed by the immeasurable benefits it has provided us. I am most grateful to the maker of hand held phones. This is definitely one of the best inventions ever launched in the market. Hurray to the inventors and innovators!